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Giovana Restino from Natural Holistic Harmony

At Natural Holistic Harmony, our mission is in supporting, inspiring and empowering individuals to shine their unique light naturally. Supporting balance, harmony and alignment of body mind and soul/spirit. With our podcast and channel, our mission is the same, but bringing into a much wider community, where we can not only support individuals and groups with Giovana’s professional support but also by joining together in a stronger community of like-minded holistic-wellbeing-focused leaders and shining souls. Each individually brings their own unique shine to this amazing community, inspiring and supporting, with a wide variety of voices, background and experiences. Speaking from a variety of messages, knowledge and personal wisdom has the potential to inspire individuals in our wider world community. This supportive content aims to be inspiration and catalysts of growth, empowerment and aligning authentically to our own individual selves. Together, I believe we are stronger, together we positively support the world.Inspiring, supporting and empowering the divine flame in the hearts of each community member, who then shares this ignited light, out to their wider community and so on. Together, lighting up the world one heart at a time. With love, Giovana Director of Natural Holistic Harmony Ltd.

Recent Episodes

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