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13. Our Divine Feminine Awakening And Embodiment On This Path - A Supportive Conversation With Alaya Melchizedek

August 24, 2021 Giovana Restino from Natural Holistic Harmony Season 1 Episode 13
Natural Holistic Harmony 's Podcast
13. Our Divine Feminine Awakening And Embodiment On This Path - A Supportive Conversation With Alaya Melchizedek
Show Notes

Wow! What an honour and privilege it was to hold space with such a powerful, beautiful and grace-filled embodied feminine Alaya Melchizedek, as we shared our experiences, turbulences and lessons on the path of embodiment within our most sovereign essence.

Alaya is such an inspiration! She shares her stories while also keeping it grounded and relatable, as so many of us experience similarities in our lives and awakening path. 

We rise together!

It can not be understated the power and impact of surrounding ourselves with awakened embodiments of the Divine Mother and Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness have within our individual remembrance of our truest divinity. This reflection has the potential to awaken and cultivate a fire deep within our hearts and womb, of conscious codes ready to activate into alignment so that we may continuously rise up into our greatest potential at each awakening moment, on this collective journey we are all on.

The power of awakening, conscious, embodied women coming together ignites a catalyst remembrance of the divine feminine and divine mother within the deepest essences of our cells, mirroring a remembrance of our birthright, what is possible and safe to embody, as we have each come to fulfil.

 I always feel so humbled and honoured in having these enlivening conversations with such honoured guests and shinning reflections such as Alaya.

Her grounded humbleness and shinning grace is such a beautiful inspiration to so many, reminding of the humanness of this embodiment path, with loving grace sharing from a real and human place that is approachable and soothing, and bright with fun and joy in our embodiment conversation.

Truly I feel so honoured and humbled to have had the chance to share such a space of love, joy and wisdom in this NHH episode.

My wish is that the codes and remembrances find the heart of all that would benefit from it. My wish is that you enjoy this little time and journey with us in this loving container.

🌹 A little about Alaya Melchizedek:
Alaya Melchizedek is an embodied Divine Feminine on a continuous path of growth and embodiment into her highest potential both for herself and her wonderful family as well as in divine service, active in her mission of supporting this collective journey.

She is a mother to two beautiful shining beings and devoted to their development and embodiment, as is her devoted husband and Divine Masculine leader Christof Melchizedek. Both of them as an inspiration of what conscious parenting has the potential to be when we individually do our work and show up with love, curiosity and awareness for our children. It is an honour to share space with Alaya, one of the most gentle, powerful and embodied women I have had the honour to connect in this incarnation.


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