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12. Starseeds and Ascension Journey Conversations with Steve Nobel

August 24, 2021 Giovana Restino from Natural Holistic Harmony Season 1 Episode 12
Natural Holistic Harmony 's Podcast
12. Starseeds and Ascension Journey Conversations with Steve Nobel
Show Notes

What an enlivening and muiti-encompassing conversation with honoured and special guest Steve Nobel on this episode of the NHH Podcast. We explore many special topics of the spiritual journey and ascension and draw our own experiences. Steve shares his personal journey, his passion and guidance of supporting starseeds, as well as information, tools and tips that we can do to support our own individual journey.

There are so many important and helpful wisdoms when we embark on this ascending journey and so much to discuss. In a dynamic and diverse conversation, we explore useful and empowering topics that can aid each of us on our individual journeys.

I have personally had the privilege of enjoying many of Steve's powerful and impactful meditations and transmissions from
his Youtube channel and in Insight Timer, as well as having the pleasure of attending one of his live workshop in London. His dedication to this path and meditation and transmission offerings has impacted thousands upon thousands of individuals all around the world, myself included. It was an honour and pleasure sharing the space with Steve on this episode.

⚡️A little about Steve Nobel:
Steve is an empowering spiritual teacher, with a mission to support Starseed on the path to fully embody our potential and soul missions, collectively ascending within this beautiful experience.

You can find Steve Nobel’s meditations and transmissions on his popular
YouTube channel of 132K subscribers and counting.  And on his website with a lot more about the work he does and all that he offers, which can be helpful tools and support for starseeds and sensitive beings on a conscious journey.

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