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10. Conscious Conception and Womb Keeper

August 24, 2021 Giovana Restino from Natural Holistic Harmony Season 1 Episode 10
Natural Holistic Harmony 's Podcast
10. Conscious Conception and Womb Keeper
Show Notes

Another great conversation in the Natural Holistic Harmony Podcast, hearing from Rebecca Wilson as she shares her journey and experiences working with mothers to be and their partners on conscious conception and its importance. What a pleasure to share a beautiful conversation that supports our communities. This is a subject that is very close to our hearts here at NHH and we are always thrilled when we get the chance to discuss this topic for the benefit of our wider society.

🌹A little about Rebecca:
Rebecca Wilson facilitates Shamanic Womb Healing & Rites Blessings. She is the Founder of Womb Connection- Healing- Awakening, which has been birthed from her personal journey of Womb Awakening. Rebecca is a Womb Keeper, Womb Healer, Wise Womban, Spirit Baby & Birth Doula and women circle facilitator.

She holds a powerful Earth filled Medicine which naturally infuses all her work and offerings. She is deeply connected to nature and finds her inspiration within the elements. Her passion is to lovingly hold a space for participants to express themselves fully and creatively. By allowing them to feel comfortable and safe when dipping their toes in vulnerability, Rebecca encourages self-expression through embodiment healing which provides a space for each individual to explore and awaken deep energies throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Rebecca encourages each individual to take their own journey through her offerings, creating a space to tune into your own intuition and inner wisdom.

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