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07. The Power Of Yoga Birthing - Setting Up A Foundation For A Supported And More Easeful Labour

August 22, 2021 Giovana Restino from Natural Holistic Harmony Season 1 Episode 7
Natural Holistic Harmony 's Podcast
07. The Power Of Yoga Birthing - Setting Up A Foundation For A Supported And More Easeful Labour
Show Notes

Bringing the inspiration of a holistic approach to pregnancy, birthing and postnatal support, in this episode of the NHH Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking all about birthing and Yoga Birth. Our special guest Rena Zanonos from, a Yoga Births & Dula Support facilitator, shares her years of experience and wisdom in supporting expectant mothers both during pregnancy and during the labour process.

There is a true power in us women sharing our positive labour stories, reminding of what is possible and reclaiming our birthright as a powerful initiation that is giving birth for us women.  Reconditioning the collective story of what labour is expected to be, from the old paradigm of hardship, pain and trauma that is most of the time followed when speaking about giving birth, to our birthright as embodied women, in our sacred initiation into motherhood, birth can be a blissful, transformative, sacred incredible initiation and honoured experience for mother and child, as one life in the womb ends and begin a new life outside the safe confinements of the womb, the baby is initiated into the human journey.

Truth be told, there are so many amazing stores of powerful and bliss-filled births and it is our collective duty as women to share this message, showing what is possible in the consciousness of our sisters all around the world. We dive into the topic of motherhood, pregnancy and birthing (and beyond) in our later episodes as well, a subject that is deep within the heart of NHH. Be sure to check the other episodes out as well.

Rena shares from her experiences of assisting with yoga births preparations and in the actual delivery time, the power and supportive tool that using these techniques can have to the mothers' experience during labour.

There are so many ways we can support ourselves for the labour process, aiding our body holistically in preparation for the delivery. It was an absolute delight speaking with Rena of a very supportive way that mothers can empower themselves for this part of the journey and beyond. 

This is information that every mother or mother-to-be can benefit from hearing!!🤰🌹

It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss this very impactful topic of birthing, mothers experiences and information that can benefit expectant mothers everywhere. It was such a pleasure to have Rena as a special guest on this episode.

🌹A little about Rena:
Rena is a YogaBirth teacher, Childbirth educator & doula, supporting women and families through, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

If you wish to know more about her work or contact her for her services as a Yoga Birth Instructor, Childbirth Educator and Dula visit her website:

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