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05. Lets Talk About Ceremonial Grade Cacao - The Power, The Magic and Wisdoms From This Sacred Plant

August 19, 2021 Giovana Restino from Natural Holistic Harmony Season 1 Episode 5
Natural Holistic Harmony 's Podcast
05. Lets Talk About Ceremonial Grade Cacao - The Power, The Magic and Wisdoms From This Sacred Plant
Show Notes

With special guest Deya [surname]  founder and director of
What a fascinating talk this was as she shared her knowledge, wisdom and her experiences of her initiation by Mother Cacao into cacao sorcerer as a cacao ceremonial leader. It was fascinating to hear about the history of cacao and what is still occurring to this day.

So much information was shared opening up into the world of ceremonial cacao. Do you know what is the difference between chocolate, cacao that we find in powdered form (even the organic ones) and Ceremonial Grade Cacao? It opened my eyes even wider!

Having witnessed viscerally many times within me, the power of this sacred medicine, mother cacao really offers in reverence opportunity for transformation and alignment into our truth, our highest path and deep healing.

It may seem so simple... "cacao is just chocolate" I hear some of you say. Trust me, the type of cacao you expose into your being can make impactful transformations internally by the support of the essence of the Divine Mother Cacao.

From my experience, I have very much noticed a difference in quality and powerful impact between the different ceremonial grade cacaos I have tried myself. I absolutely LOVE the ceremonial cacao that Deya imports from [ place ] and recommend it with my whole heart.

It is because of the impact that this particular quality of cacao has been having on me that I felt called to extend an invitation to Deya to share space as a special guest on this podcast, to share her knowledge of this magical plant and gift, to share her story and her beautiful presence.

We also held space together for a New Moon Cacao and Visualisation Ceremony which can be enjoyed in any full moon with your sacred cacao and in beautiful meditation. This is the next episode (Ep. 6).

🌹A little more about Deya:
Deya is a Cacao sorceress born in Ecuador, daughter of the world, she shares Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Ecuador supporting polyculture and sustainable family-owned farms. She also shares Cacao Ceremonies and online immersions with Cacao from the UK.

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