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02. The Biology Of Meditation Explored For Everyday Life Empowerment

June 11, 2021 Giovana Restino from Natural Holistic Harmony Season 1 Episode 2
Natural Holistic Harmony 's Podcast
02. The Biology Of Meditation Explored For Everyday Life Empowerment
Show Notes

Another great conversation with Chris Grace, this time diving deep into the biology of meditation and how we can use that to benefit our everyday lives, empowering ourselves and   
choosing what meditation tool to use for what function that it provides within our brains, specifically affecting our brainwaves.

Did you know that meditation influences different brain wave states? And which one can support the specific task and life experiences you want individually?

Furthermore, we explored the powerful and scientifically studied impact of TM on our health, healing and longevity. Chris shares about peer-reviewed scientific studies illustrating the potent effects on our biology by the simple practice of transcendental meditation (known as TM).     

Chris shares with us from both the scientific research lead findings as well as his own experience of meditating since he was 10 years old (almost 30 years of experience personally). Having grown up with both parents being transcendental meditation teachers, Chris has a unique advantage in his perspective and life experience in the field of meditation. 

It was such a pleasure talking on this topic of brainwaves, genes, longevity and transcendence supported by meditation, and the health benefits that are naturally structured in our biological experience!

What a pleasure it was to share this space with Chris Grace, who is such a wonderful light in this world. Sharing his knowledge, experience and beautiful presence, on another episode of the Natural Holistic Harmony Podcast.

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